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Welcome to my page! Here you can learn lots of fun stuff about me, including vital stats, where you can catch me next, and how I feel about the weather (no, not really). Mostly just the second one. Hope to see you soon.

Seriously, if you tell me where your shows/films/performance art pieces that don't involve mimes are, I will do my darndest to come watch.

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A web series and love story about Kim (that's me!) and Henri -- a sassy grad student and her time traveling vigilante of a fiancé. Kim is finishing her Master’s degree and interning at a time travel agency, while Henri is a PHD student who moonlights as a vigilante intent on preventing tourists from fundamentally altering the past.

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THE LADY WAS A GENTLEMAN - In 1848, celebrated actress Charlotte Cushman left her wife behind and went on (another) farewell tour of the U.S. with her personal assistant Sallie, a free black woman, and an ever-expanding entourage of adoring younger women. The Lady Was a Gentleman imagines this lost piece of queer theatrical history as a screwball comedy of seduction, mistaken identity, and all the fun you can get away with when you’re famous.

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